What is Mana?

ManaAmong Pacific islanders, the supernatural power or force that works through a person or an inanimate object.

For the purpose of this research “Mana” is equated to residual/active presence and or an impression that works with/through an individual /object, in relation to physiological makeup and external environments. This integration of coupled systematics is the result of qualitative weights and the rhythm analysis of fluid open systems. Mana is interactive with the internal and external, a coefficient of qualia, it occupies properties of the animate as well as inanimate. Mana is the projection of self, the sum of self, and the interaction with internal/external environments in proportion to the self. It is the accumulation of physiological phenomena in organisms and displaced in several forms, thought/beliefs, material/physical representation, every aspect which is perceived as being. FAPP everything that exists even thoughts are “beings” and as a result possess mana. Fundamentally Mana is the projection of qualia, an underlying influence in cognition.

Taken from, Forms of Thought, my Thesis.