Smiles and Cries

Its all about Smiles and Cries. Training Day (2001)

This is vintage Fuqua, the brother was dropping knowledge, let me explain, as in reference to the parameters of our current system. Not to glorify any of the after mentioned situations or people but to give you the overall understanding that you cant win. The proliferation of drugs in the 80’s and 90’s saw with it the deconstruction of several aspects of our culture, thousands of black men in jail, thousands dead, a whole generation of crack babies, you know the story. As in any system you have parameters, degrees of freedom, dictated by (so called) opportunity. What came about in the era Crack was the placement of a new variable (crack), which allowed for a certain degrees of freedom (economics) hence “smiles and cries”. What appeared to be an anomaly was really an agent, an agent of destruction. The beauty of the system is its ability to adapt, and modify its outcomes to the overall whims of the manipulator. Drug dealers go to jail for money laundering, tax evasion, as well as the usual drugs and murder. There is no underground rail road, no hood rich, no ghetto fab, only smiles and cries. We saw the emergence of new laws augmenting the structure of the welfare system, which no doubt had a backlash on the drug trade in the US. The institution of food stamp cards, (i.e. Lone star cards/credit card for food) instead of stamps, no more “40 fo 20” playa. We see this going even further as we move to a cashless society. I can see it now.

lemme get a 20 sack man!
Will that be debit or credit?
Its just not gonna work, gotta get a new hustle. Hell if a dealer aint gonna take 20 one dollar bills you think he’s gonna take 37 boxes of macaroni and cheese? So the futility becomes apparent for the user and the dealer, not in the fact of recognizing that what they are doing is wrong (of course) but also in the fact that He/They/Him/you know who can change the parameters at any time, setting you up for, you guessed it “Smiles and cries”. You know they say there is no such thing as a get rich scheme (just ask Martha), so why is it that we always fall for the okie doke? The only way to beat the system, is to change it Playa. Which brings us back to the need for a new hustle, diligence due towards a new method, one which leads us to an understanding of the system and its mechanics instead of looking for shortcuts (traps). When you look at it, it’s the only alternative we have. We have to take this thug life to science, to math, to the cultivation of knowledge, that’s the only true way to keep it real.

Lets do a quick review:

We sold drugs to make quick money
That was a trap

Then we made Videos/music about the life to make mo money
That too is a trap
Learning became acting white (who in the f@#k came up with that one)
Another trap (albeit stooopid as hell)

Its not to hard to see the pattern here, its almost as if everything put in front of you is, that’s right “a trap”. So how do we change this? Change the system! But this requires study, as does anything else in life. So get a book, because knowledge is the true hustle baby, and I’m talking about that real technical mad scientist sh!t, its our only hope. Smiles and cries that’s all we got.