Nobel Laureate Warns Planet at Risk (

Nobel Laureate Warns Planet at Risk (

Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai urged democratic reforms and an end to corporate greed when she collected the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.
"Further, industry and global institutions must appreciate that ensuring economic justice, equity and ecological integrity are of greater value than profits at any cost,"

We dont win to many of these, so you need to peep this sister, serious message here. She's talking about correlations, the environment and its peoples, they go hand and hand.

Africa = Jacked UP!!! US black communities = Jacked UP!!!
Africans = AIDS US black communities = AIDS
= No $ US black communities = No $
= No Unity US black communities = No Unity
= Exploitation US black communities = Exploitation

You can see the correlation? Trees dont have to be physical, we can plant mental trees and cultivate a different kind of space. Trees are all around us: The Tree of life, Family Tree, Someone took a bite off of an apple tree a long time ago, and it goes on and on.

Tree = Life

More trees, more life, its that simple, the greatest things always are.
So go plant you some trees...