Don’t knock the hustle…
Let me get that Paper, so I can make some paper, as long as I drop you some paper first, cause we all know tha tune.
"Bitch betta have my money"
Been a few minutes since my last air strike, but I don’t like throwin shit in the air unless the winds blowin, so here we go. Still doing the school daze, Oh you my Master now!” a la Rock, still “Spittin hot fire” in class, (ohhhh you should se the looks, boy thank god/allah/jehova/Buddha/Ra for civil rights) and still trying to get mines, in this toe up system. Now when I say spittin hot fire, I’m really talking bout “normal” (getting real loose with that term) shit that apparently is so abstract (outlandish) to most of my classmates (whitey) that I must be crazy, livin in a fantasy world, you know!

So as usual, I find myself in situations where whitey feels good about the system and since we are intellectually (again a very loose utilization of the term) participating in the advanced stages of this programming which leads to access on levels higher than average, (at least that’s how it is supposed to be) you would think my black ass would be in line by now. Its like you have to have a condensed history of social systems in your back pocket and yo ass better be a black belt in that shit too, before you even think about entering the class room. I dont know if whitey, feigns ignorance, or whatever (we’ll talk about that later), but if you don’t know your shit they damn sure wont explain it to you. Meanwhile you sittin in class getting the Jedi mind trick (institutional programming), and blam you hear some shit and you like “I know this fool didn’t just say that” so off we go (and you know I stay with my shit starter tool kit)! First things first, you gotta check whitey, if you don’t this crap becomes even more “normal”, but be prepared, the road of a shit starter is not for the meek, not only are you questioning whitey, you are pointing out the inequalities of a system that tries to reconcile past “injustices” with new “injustices” and expects you to agree that all things now being equal, that the best person regardless of race (whitey always gets the pole position) should get the job. So before you even open your mouth be ready fo whateva nigga, literally.

My favorite line is: Where I come from we don’t have any black people so I don’t know what is offensive. It’s like we’re some distant tribe (which we are) that these isolated white people only see on TV. It is so ridiculous the excuses (or whatever you wanna call them) that these people throw out. So the best way that I have found to deal with this (when I choose too) is to point out flaws in their theory/system; the average whitey is not used to being questioned or for that matter having their system critiqued. This tactic usually forces weaker minds to seek support (mainstream thought = white accepted thought) so now you have a group of whitey, ready to lynch yo ass intellectually or other wise.

In any effective and efficient submission-dominance system, it is critical for the oppressor to control the perception of the victim. The oppressed must stay preoccupied with their overall inferiority and the uselessness of their puny efforts in resisting the demands of the victimizer. One is victimized in proportion to the quantity of space, time, energy and mobility that one must yield (or has yielded) to the oppressor. Conversely, the more one regains or commands control of these elements, the less one is victimized.
African-Americans are subjected to daily, minute insults and aggressions; situations Dr. Chester Pierce calls microinsults and microaggressions. These offensive mechanisms are designed to operationally keep Blacks in the inferior, dependent, helpless role. The mechanisms are nonverbal and kinetic, and they are well suited to control the space, time, energy and mobility of an African-American, while also producing feelings of degradation. An example of a microinsult occurs when a white person (who is 'innocently' operating under the stereotype that any African-American in a hotel must be a bellhop) asks a well-dressed African-American male waiting in the lobby to carry his luggage. An example of a microaggression is when a white person edges in front of an African-American at a sales counter, despite being the second to arrive. In both instances if the offended African-American shows ire, the perpetrators wonder why African-Americans are 'so sensitive'. (Finding a Way through the Maze of Racism by Dr. Carl Bell)

Tangents, loopholes, and distractions. Sometimes the issue can be broken down so easily that whitey employs a gang schemes just to get you off point, this is a test of your skills, and it is also an opportunity to break’em off some more, if yo head is right. Remember they will do everything to make you look crazy. If one can’t articulate the point another will come to his aid, people you thought were “liberal” or “tree huggers” all seem to take offense to some degree when you question what it is they represent. You’ll get the liberals trying to soften the punch, while most right wingers will keep it tight lipped (because when they drop shit, it always stinks) but in the end they ALWAYS help each other. I had this person to explain to me (Mr. Shit starter) what this other individual meant by a particular comment, in which I quickly proceeded in the public belittling of his ass. At first the “good” whitey asked me if I was serious about what I said (because ya’ll know nigga’s don’t know shit) and when I said HELL YES! She tried to connect or at least make it seem that way; at first she explained what he meant, cause y'all know black folk need translators. Then she tried to pull the Gloria Steinem, women (white) are niggers too trick, and hit me with some we face the same challenges bullshit (yadda, yadda, yadda). Don’t you love how everyone wanna ride the freedom train when it’s convenient? What is real interesting is that the people mentioned above are the same two people mentioned in situations below, so you don’t think I am arbitrarily pickin on whitey, in the end it just seems that they (whitey) always work to the same means.

I don’t wanna mis quote this person so I’ll just paraphrase the conversation. We were in class and she was giving a presentation on discrimination practices in the work place, (you already know where this is going) the typical topics of reverse discrimination were discussed and for the most part all of the class was in agreement (all white, cep fo my po black ass). She stated some of the problems with affirmative action (same ol stuff most white folks throw out there) but the mad crazy, off the chain, when keep it real goes wrong statement was:
"The problems evident in Affimatve Action are that the benefits for minorities, were not equal to the losses that white men were facing."
White people just don’t get (they really do, but they think you and I are too stoopid to think any different) and they don’t seem like they want to. Now this is a person who seems to want to live in a fair and just world (her words exactly) but can agree/indentify/understand with this type of sentiment; White men have more to lose.

This comes from the same institution where I had this white cat make one of the craziest statements I heard in a long ass time, he said Chinese people are the most racist people on the planet, my first thought was this dude must have a rocket ship at the cribbo cause he definitely wasn’t talking bout this planet; A white cat calling Chinese people “the most racist people on the planet” that shit reminded me of one of brother Malcolm’s speeches; you remember “Our astronauts” and Malcolm said “that’s a kneegrow that’s out of his mind” well I just saw a white dude who was so encompassed in the blanket of privilege that this fool was calling somebody racist.
Let’s do a quick post game recap: Whitey 100, everyone else 13.
Now I love my white brothers and sisters, (some of my best friends are white) but ya’ll mofo’s are trippin, and you teaching this shit in class! The system born out of inequity, with all of its mechanations continually enable this type of programming to prevail. What’s really hood is the fact that I have to pay for this crap. Now that’s what I call pimpin big time. Nigga gonna tell me how shit is, was, and will continue to be, and make me pay for it, and then expect me to play by the “rules” once I complete my training/programming. Functionality within the system, certification = access, as long as you understand the rules. You couldn’t even make a sci-fi action thriller this good (sorry George) who would believe it? Yet we live it everyday, in everyway, we accept it, we compromise our natural right, to the dynamics of a system. Pimps up, ho’s down!

Every class you get this scenario: Whitey, BP (Blue pills=Yes massa, sleepers, trained, drones), Black folks, OTW (other than white), and the SS (shit starter, thugs, incorrigible, abstract, crazy, whateva-whateva).

So as you can see, the dynamic of the habitus (thanks Kim), is set in motion by the cultural fitness of a particular focus group as well as the emotional and intellectual fitness of the individual within those groups. Now when you compile this dynamic within the structure of “higher learning” which primarily distributes mainstream thought in a quantifiable means via certification, you get the one thing that we all have in common, a desire to achieve a degree. The separations occurs when VOR’s (victims of racism) realize the effects of interdependence within a system created by whitey, in which the single largest constraint is being white. It is not a quest for enlightenment (for some it is, but for most it’s just the motions) but one of entitlement. The door is magically opened to a new level, it doesn’t mean you’ll get in, but at least it’s open. The more programming you pay for the more doors you have access to. This is when the effect of having a degree leaves the systematic arena and returns to a cultural bias, primarily based on the fact that whitey not only runs the system, but dictates mainstream thought as well. That is the true beauty of the system EQUIFINALITY, no matter which way you go, you still gonna get played. That’s why when you go to the BBQ with your white “friends” and they say your not like other black people you're “smart”, or you're not a “thug” or “ghetto” (Hey stoopid that’s not a compliment!) this is a direct insult same as if I walked up and slapped you in the face. This is how they reaffirm our lack of intelligence, and they do it when you are isolated, cause most niggas wont go into shit starter mode on they own (stop being scary), shit starters set it off, anytime, anywhere, cause you can best believe whitey gon’ clown you anytime, anywhere. Equifinality playa, put them shits in ya toolkit.
Shalom, Mr Shit Starter