Travel notes part 4: Getting high...

Some times you gotta get your head above the clouds, not so much as to get away but to get a better perspective. Its like driving to work in the morning and you zone out, this is pure thought, your body invites your mind to go places it needs to go, places you need to be. So it comes from my latest travels that I had the opportunity to prolong the experience. Escaping the routine and finding the details in the not so obvious. I must say it all started in the clouds, you should really take a look at them especially from above it gets you on a different tip. First off I'd like to share my inspiration. the clouds majestic free Mysterious.
these are notes from the universe,
thoughts from the mother.



fanciful delights, as children play,look its bear, no its a bird, yes yes, my child all this and so much more. Every morn make time for the clouds, if only for a moment play the game you played as a child. share your thou
ghts with the clouds, if only for a moment. So thirty six thousand ft up I started playing the game played as a child but it was different playing the game from above. I just couldnt see the shapes, so I went to sleep, and when i woke, I knew that it wasnt the clouds it was me. I had to expand my imagination and look for new shapes, new forms of thought.