Blowin Glass

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Unveils Fireworks of Glass, Dale Chihuly's Largest Permanent Sculpture of Blown Glass
Saturday March 18, 6:00 am ET

Dedicated to creating extraordinary family learning experiences across the arts, sciences and humanities, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis in conjunction with renowned artist Dale Chihuly, opens Fireworks of Glass, the largest permanent sculpture of Chihuly blown glass ever created. The 43-foot Tower rises above a floating glass ceiling under which an innovative hands-on glassblowing exhibit for children and families is housed. Fireworks of Glass is a permanent world-class work of art for children and families to explore, learn about and create their own works of art. As visitors circle the ramps, labels on the railings will provide information about Chihuly and how the tower was created.

Go out and get you some of this, I've had the chance to see a few of these around the way. Open the little minds to something just short of magical, it will last a life time..