More on Framing... Bending reality Mass Media style

Framing is a way to use language to manage meaning. It's a way for leaders to influence how events are seen and understood. It involves the selection and highlighting of one or more aspects of a subject while excluding others.
Organizational Behavior
Stephen P. Robbins
pg 362
I used this in a previous post but it seems like The Mass Media in all of is non baised glory is still missing the point (AP can kiss my black ass). What appears to be a piece of news on the Duke Rape case is really a not so discreet attempt at swaying mass opinions about the case through the not so subtile use of Framing.

Alleged Rape at Duke Plays to Stereotypes
This already sets the tone two fold (the race card and the ol lying ass Tawanna Brawley a double dose of some classic framing techniques; prep the reader with doubt and skepticism before the story even unfolds)

The first line kicks off:
The case seems to fit the stereotypes so perfectly. The accused rapists are white, the woman is black.

What stereotype is this? The ol Evil white rapist Stereotype, WTF? Its usually (always)the other way around! and I like the second usage of the word accused it instills even more doubt on top of the underlying attempt to discredit the entire event by calling it a stereotypical event.

Then they bust out the ol us against them move. I thought "they" used this one up during the OJ trial, guess not.
The men go to Duke University, the expensive private college with the championship sports teams and big TV deals. The woman studies across town at chronically underfunded and oft-overshadowed North Carolina Central University.
What the hell does this have to do with anything? Preping the reader for the good ol "Us against Them" story (this move is so old you can see it coming a mile away).

It's so easy to see the incident at the shabby university-owned house — just a mile from the iconic Gothic Duke Chapel — in terms of powerlessness and privilege, town and gown, black and white. Many on campus and in the streets of this gritty working-class vertex of the famed Research Triangle are framing it just that way.
And what is so easy about picturing a bunch of drunk asses raping a woman? Another attempt at discrediting the entire "story" as if this is an easy way to pick on the poor white boys who were just out for a little fun who got jacked by some gold digging big booty strippers.

Why is it when YT is on the spot "they" make sure EVERYONE understands guilty until proven innocent opps I mean Innocent until proven guilty, yet the press seems to lose this notion when it comes to people of color?
Speaking of which lets take a look at some classic headlines:
OJ Simpson murder case
Kobe Bryant rape case
Micheal Jackson molestation case

Where in the world was the word alleged? In the Kobe case some times the word alleged was never even used!

I find it interesting that people continually consider this type of reporting as news and fail to see it for what it actually is: A constant cultural psychological operation (a weak one at that) designed to influence, polarize, dictate, control our entire thought process.

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