2020 Vision: Africa of tomorrow

Just coolin and thinkin about some of the projects I would like to set off in the mother land, you could say I was doing a bit of brainstorming but then again most of these are no brainers...
I have never done a top ten list but if I did this is what it would look like:
The Top Ten Visions for Africa by

#10 Transcontinental Rail/Highway
We gotta bring the people together. The primary resource for the continent is its people. African has a tendency to have roads where they are needed by those who wish to exploit its riches. Can we get some real infrastructure going on or do we have to keep on with the dirt roads, and tore up river boats?

#9 The Worlds Largest Telescope
building a telescope double the size of of the 305 meter Arecibo Radio Telescope or even better; build an array of Arecibo's. Its stuff like this that brings really smart people around and for the most part helps us collectively as a species.

#8 Move the the UN Headquarters to Africa
(its closer to the rest of the world anyways)
I think its well past due for a new "NON Western" venue it just seems like every time you goto the UN in NYC and you not from the west its like you already got your hand out...

Dont get me wrong I love NY but this place has more than its share of Icons to humanity. if you wanna be global you gotta "Be global" meaning doing shit out in the rest of the world instead of bringin the rest of the world to you...

#7 Restore the Pyramids an
d every other monument to civilization on the continent. Every country treats their monuments with such pride and care, why cant we do the same for some of the greatest Icons in the HISTORY OF HUMANKIND?

#6 FREE Global
Its way too late in the game to try and make money off of "emerging markets" Note to Boeing You need to ease up off some of that technology and help the world grow... MSAT could do a lot of good for a alot of people

#5 African Information Project A continental summation of Africa's history into one collective digital database. If you pimp this with the global communications I think we could see some serious technological leaps not just for Africa but for the entire world as well...

#4 Give the resources back to the people/ end colonialism in all of its forms.
This means all of you Funky Ass Corporations
continuing the oppression under the the guise of private enterprise. Note to China Dont be the next in a long line of assholes who have gone way beyond to bounds of assholism in order to exploit your fellow man. I think you have come along way in your rise to power just dont go too "Capitalist Swine" on me and my peeps okay?

#3 Unity One Nation Many Peoples

The sooner we unite the sooner we will rise. Just look at the rest of
the world and see how every "modern" group of nations is converging for the advancement of all involved in the union.

#2 Peace! End the Genocide
This is worst that humankind has to offer
Peace and stability are the true keys to our success. This shit is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outta control, and some where (I have the distinct feeling) someone likes all of this death and destruction (or at least they dont seem to mind)

#1 Stop HIV/AIDS and all of the other diseases that destroy the future of our planet...
so as Bono heads back to Africa, and Brad n' Angelina prep for that Namibian bundle, and Mr Clooney voices off about the genocide that just seems to rotate around the continent, and how Oprah
does what she always does (make anything popular), I have chosen to share my 10 cents on what I plan to do/promote/foster/create in the near future for the continent of Africa.