Charles Taylor: Sleeping with the enemy?

The 2003 intervention by the Bush administration in the Liberian crisis, which led to the forcible exile of Charles Taylor, was seen as a welcoming surprise by many Liberians, regional and international human rights groups and advocates. It was also considered a major shift by the United States government in its efforts, to help end human rights atrocities, restore peace and stability in Liberia and West Africa.
While Liberians and other citizens applaud the United States involvement in Liberia, there is still the question: After over a decade of silence and inaction, what prompted the U. S. to interv
ene in Liberia? This analysis will provide and discuss some of the major Cooperate Government Relations tools and strategies that were used to highlight the Liberian situation, and also influence the U.S. government to intervene. (More)

The goals and vision set by the International Crisis Group in influencing U.S. intervention in Liberia, the removal and trial of Taylor were achieved because of the efficient and effective use of few Cooperate Government Relations tools.
Musue N. Haddad

A very interesting piece on the ousting of former President Charles Taylor: Strategic Diplomacy or Honest to goodness lets make the world a better place for all mankind propaganda? I got it, Lets line up all of the former leaders put in place under rather ambiguous terms and start a global regime change effort under the guise of The Global War on Terror. Somebody must be a Star Wars fan somewhere out there because this is eerily reminiscent of the Anikin / Count Doku decapitation in front of the chancellor scene...

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