America's Top Model

This was a comment I tried to leave on Mixed Media Watch a while back (i couldnt get it posted so I'll just drop it here):

"The ability to codeswitch from black english to a more mainstream dialect is a useful skill in mixed circles expecially in a professional environment"

Dcase That was hot, and while I see and recognize the need for Codeswitching in mainstream (white acepted) society, are we actually doing a dis-service to the advancement of in this case of black models if we are forced to assimilate?

I have seen Tyra's joint on several occasions and like the entry pointed out I have come across several of Tyra's "Tough love" sessions on black women, and each has left me a little perplexed... While I appreciate Tyra's move to create a platform, which for the most part has provided "opportunities for diversity" in the introduction of models to the world. My Question (or problem) is; why would she go about indirectly telling future black models that if I can assimilate (act and talk "White") you can too. Now dont get me wrong, Tyra is my girl and what makes her beautiful is exactly what sets her apart from her contemporaries. I think that Tyra may want to take this to an even higher level where the "Codeswitch" is unnecessary, her own agency where "alternatives" to the common variety cookie cutter models are found, hell I thought that this is what they were looking for in the first place; "Unique" "Exotic" "Captivating" you know the adjectives... Being able to "Cut it" in the world of modeling where black women (in this case southerners) are forced to follow Tyra's trials and tribulations leaves a crappy taste in my mouth. It makes me feel as if what I bring or what I represent is lesser, not good enough, not right, not white... If Tyra is a "path finder" trying to provide new venues for "diversity" shouldnt she embrace all of what these young ladies are bringing to the table? Just a thought.
Holla at ya boy!