Who runs Barter Town? Thoughts on our next President.

Politics aside this is a powerful image. As a culture where we are constantly under some form of social duress. Images like these need to be studied need to be understood. No matter what you say,think, or feel about the individuals above, one thing is true they are both black. Now while some may say it doesnt matter I have a few questions for you at the end of this post to answer, to think about, to discuss with your "BEST" black friends.

Thought #1 Condi is looking presidential as a mutha fucker up in this piece.
Thought #2 Condi for the most part hasnt shot anyone (cept for sorry ass Barbara Boxer at the confirmation hearings) next time bring yo A GAME!
Thought#3 Cats all over the world are feeling Condi. She got that icy ass dont fuck with me I'm a republican grill going on for real!

Ok here we have the Democratic Hopeful and former First Lady Mrs. Clinton. While Hillary is way more charismatic than ANY of her punk ass democratic peers I really dont think she has the juice to pull it of against Condi, and she knows this... For Hilliary to defeat Condi she is going to require a complement that as of today just aint happening at the ol party. Most Dems (Male) are just what Arnold said a while back "girly men" that shit would fuck any chances of Hilliary going up against Condi. Not to say that Hillary cant hold her own but I aint seen her ass go through days of grilling ass testmony infront of the world by some serious haters both Democrat and Republican. What I cant wait to see are the debates, that shits gonna be some pay per view shit, fo real... You see Condi has all the votes Hillary gonna need Oprah to win for her.

Thoughts for Hillary #1 You might wanna have your husband run as your VP on this one , cuz for some stupid ass reason black folks like his ass.
Thoughts for Hillary #2 If you gonna roll with Oprah you might wanna tie her ass down before Condi does, aint no way an old white lady gonna beat two strong ass black women(shit aint happening).

Now I been seeing some traffic on the Oprah running story and you can say what you like on this one but...I didnt expect dumb ass Arnold to run and look what happened to my own fucking state. I would like to entertain the fact that Oprah is more intelligent, powerful, and ready to co-lead our country with whomever moreso than, the dumb ass dope smoking womanizing muscle head fuck of a governor we have now. That being said here are my thoughts for Oprah.

Thought #1 Stop fucking around and do this shit!
Thought #2 If you run with Hillary You might win, but if you run with Condi its 8 years for real. No more getting locked outta Jewlery stores now girl!
Thought #3 You could do special editions of your show from the White house! Thus setting the stage for you to become the most powerful person in the world, The next President (and maybe you could convince Colin to run with you and secure another 8).

Ask a black person:
Would you vote for Condi or Hillary?
Ask them why?
Do you think white people would throw the vote?
Ask them why it isnt selling out if you vote for Condi?
Ask them why it is selling out if you vote for Hillary?
Questions for white people:
Do you think America is ready A Black Female President?
Do you think America is ready for both Senior Execs to be Black females?
Do you think black people would throw the vote?

Hit me up with the facts,