Hero Worship; The ancillary effects of cultural identity

Deep down inside, every little white boy wants to be Earnest Hemingway, Peter Beard, The last Samurai, Lara Croft... The one who can travel the world and bring civility to the savages or at least survive the "perils" of life outside of the breadth of western civilization.

Indiana Jones, Congo, Sahara, Lord of War, Tomb Raider, the Mummy, all beautiful insights in to the prowess of the white man and woman. In all of these movies whats passed on as "entertainment" is an underlying sentiment that is being proliferated upon the masses of, I can do anything, my will has no bounds. Many have become "numb" to the outright significance of this message due to its sheer saturation upon our facilities. On TV we have Austrailian animal tamers, European deep sea explorers (old school Jacques Cousteau) who with the aid of "locals"
travel and do things that only great men (white men) do. Take a look at Kevin Sites (CNN Reporter) in the "HOT ZONE" or any of the exploits written by young brave white men in so many of our periodicals, about traveling to Africa, South America, or Asia, and how they had to survive and adapt to make it back to civilization. Its the rite of passage to brave the savages, tame the wild, then return home and tell tall tales of bravado.

So where does this leave all the rest of us. In the periphery of the white male conquistador to be called up only when needed.

Mo tea Sir?