Happy Birthday Lil' Shorty.

Children come in all the colors of the earth-
The roaring browns of bears and soaring eagles,
The whispering golds of late summer grasses,
And crackling russets of fallen leaves,
The tinkling pinks of tiny seashells
by the rumbling sea.

Children come with hair like bouncy baby lambs,
Or hair that flows like water,
Or hair that curls like sleeping cats in snoozy
cat colors.

Children come in all the colors of love,
In endless shades of you and me.
For love comes in cinnamon, walnut, and wheat,
Love is amber and ivory and ginger and sweet
Like caramel, and chocolate, and the honey of bees.
Dark as leopard spots, light as sand,
Children buzz with laughter that kisses our land,
With sunlight like butterflies happy and free,
Children come in all the colors
of the earth and sky and sea.

Sheila Hamanaka

Happy Birthday Lil Shorty Daddy misses you...