Aqua Boogie

I remember this game I used to rock back in the day, it was called GRAIDIUS . It was your typical NES scroller nothing too special cept for this one particular level. This was the level cheat codes were invented for, this was the level that kicked my ass (it was the floating ruby asteroid belt). The level where the game told you yo little ass was'nt about shit, the level where the game told you to up yo game. So after weeks of practice a friend suggested that I approach the game from a different state, a different perspective. Being the frequent flier that I was, my escalator trips were usually of the nautical variety, I liked the ebb and the flow... Needless to say this new perspective provided by this elevated state, allowed me to choose particular elements of focus, which in turn allowed me to play this game damn near blindfolded; and it was this skill, this method, this ability that I brought back with me upon my descent. Because some times you gotta bring the Aqua boogie back home, back to the "real world", so you can see.

Aqua Boogie, 20/20, Indonesia = escalator

the simple equations tend to be the most profound,

and this is why its BLOWVERBOD.