Tribalism, another wack ass label

Tribalism as stated in the text (Managing Cultural Differences, Harris, Morgan 5th ED.), is a term that I have to disagree with, not for the fact that it exists as described by the authors definition, but for the fact that is gives one the visualization that the people of Africa have a way living that is not conducive to forming a flourishing society. Connotations that can be perceived by reading this section are absolutely negative, and those with little or no information on the cultures and practices of "Tribalism" in Africa are bound to make assumptions based off of the break down of tribalism and how it plays a role in Africa.

" The challenge for many Africans is to build upon tribal heritage but move beyond tribal loyalties and constraints for the greater common good of the nation and its economic development"

My personal viewpoint with this whole concept is that it is one that is primarily out of economic necessity, not for Africans themselves, but for those who wish to do business in a stable Africa. As with many of the problems in Africa you tend to have a strong "tribe" in power and the masses often belonging to other smaller "tribes". The strong "tribe"primarily handles all of the official and financial duties, while leaving the smaller "tribes" on the fringe of society, not fully entering the "western way" of living. It is a modern day case of the have and have nots, and the authors at least in my perspective taint the traditions that culture has maintained for thousands of years, just because of its failure to adapt in an economic/socio system that has basically been its Achilles heel in the first place. Western society first colonized Africa, then through time tried to continue this colonization through economic means, by funding the strongest "tribe" which ultimately caused unrest amongst those with out, and finally the author suggests a form of assimilation into western thought.
"move beyond tribal loyalties and constraints"
Leaders in Africa will continue endure situations that have plagued them especially for the last 400 years, unless they realize the need for a clean break from the colonial mind set. The "tribes" of Africa have co-existed for thousands of years, yet following the way into western economic policies my not be the best for a society that doesn't place its priority on money, but the well being of the family as a whole. I think a society that integrates all of the "good" (agreeable to its western counterparts) qualities of tribalism, and adapts a focus not of finance but of populous, and the advancement of that population, will succeed with all of its cultural traditions intact.

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