T.O. K-mart and Oil of Olay

Ok, What in the F#@K is goin on, You know I love me some T.O. (Terrell Owens), I love the smack talk, the audacity, you name it, I'm in. Performance counts in the NFL in every aspect, what I constantly hear is "We want it, without the attitude". Now I dont wanna play the race card (well maybe a little), but this stinks and not just a little. Everyday I hear and see the media talking about how these "greedy athletes" need to be thankful. "I'm feelin a lot of hate coming of that couch" (Belly 1999) but what are you really trying to say. Sounds like we really just want "our boys" (coach talk) making money, and shutting the hell up. Now I was on the phone with my homie and we were chatting about T.O. and how he is always in the news, about Ray lewis and the state of football (Real important sh!t), and its just amazing that this mans actions can cause such an uproar. We both agreed that if we could get the funding we would just by pass the NCAA and start right at correctional institutions (ala Baltimore), these guys play harder anyways, prison against prison, (they already got the merchandise thing locked down. This is way bigger than dot com baby, reality shows get you ready for the big game, showing you the exploits of player/criminals, work program makes all the gear you pimp to the masses, and then you put your death row fools on defense!!! Man I need me about 20 hundred million and we could do this! Just as long as we dont have any dancing, uppity niggers (coach talk) forgetting where they come from.
Ok my point to all of this is, K-mart is all ready doing it!
Martha Stewart X-mas trees, just went on sale, now while we are crying (we meaning you) about T.O. this criminal (sounds so sweet saying that) is getting paid SELLING X-mas TREES! Whats really going on!! Nuff said bout Martha (convict). You know what would be funny as hell, Martha stewart in the SHU, being forced to watch BET 24/7.
She would probably get pist off having to was Bones 27 times in 5 weeks.
Oil of Olay has some pretty nice commercials going at the moment too, nothing wrong with butt naked women selling soap, guess Janet should have brought out the portable shower and things would have been ok.