Get you some math...

There used to a time when exploitation came in 2 dimensions, man those were the good ol days! You knew things were jacked up, the man was working his magic, but you could see and feel the oppression, it had tangibles like, crappy housing (Projects), correctional facilities (concentration camps), Police (to protect and serve), liquor stores (mind control), and so on... All thanks to our good friends at Operations Reasearch. OR is not some made up, quasi fraternal institution, it's real look it up in your encyclopedia (go borrow one, dammit), OR is responsible for the development of cybernetics, aka systems engineering, aka optimization, aka runnin sh!t. Optimization simply put is the reduction of complexity, (making it easier to pimp you) while maintaining the overall structure. Now we can attest the rise of the project (LeCorbusier) to the engineering of a particular system(boot to black ass), lets look at the definition of system before I get too carried away.

1. The orderly combination or arrangement, as of parts, into a whole; specifically, such combination according to some rational principle; any methodical arrangement of parts. 2. In science and philosophy, an orderly collection of related principles, fact, or objects. 3. Any group of facts and phenomena regarded as constituting a natural whole and furnishing the basis and material of scientific investigation and construction: the solar system. 4. A whole as made up of constitutive parts. 5. An assemblage of organic structures composed of similar elements and combined for the same general functions: the nervous system; also, the entire body, taken as a function of the whole.

Ok now we got the system, and since there is no need to review the last 50 years of black history, lets move on.
Once again we are at the door step of another break through in science or methodology, and that is the application of volume to the earlier stated process of exploitation. Volume as in space (NOT outter space), the space between you and me, the space you can't see. The very things we love to sport are the next wave of oppression/manipulation. Now I love me some technology, but do we need a repeat of the last 50 years of scientific maniplulation of our people and our culture. Now is the time to get yourself some math, statistics, engineering, "And when you read them shits! Read them shits again!" (KRS One -SEX and Violence) then go get you some Quantum theory, a dash of Taoism, a hint of Marx, and throw that in your pimp juice.
If someone lets you eat at the table, you damn well better figure out his customs, beacuse he is not gonna give them to you, this is what makes him superior(His knowledge/His story). Learn the ways of the system, recognize the stucture behind the application, and then you can do some rennovation. Third world contries have an opportunity to bypass an entire era in telecommunications,
Knock, Knock, Who is it? Cell phones baby!
We gotta make that same jump, an entire era surpassed, real black TV, real black owners, real black power(AFRO), then we can truly eat together. The technology is there to make this a reality, but we have to take it.
So go get you some math...