Being Black Aint funny...

Being Black Ain’t funny…

This knee jerk, we got to rework
I don’t need a smack,
To know whack is whack

Nothing but a reverberation,
Never really been part of the nation,


Being Black Ain’t funny…

What is it that brings us to voice our wants, needs and desires? Every time something pops off you know “we” gon’ say something. Black people are really good at talking bout shit that done happened, it’s a cultural pastime, shit goes down you gonna hear a story 57 times, and the art of telling a story 57 times is that people don’t wanna hear the same ole shit after the 3rd or 4th time, so black folks figured out they better make the story funny if they wanted to keep stuff interesting, especially after the 10th time. Now don’t get me wrong I love all my shows, but being black ain’t funny.
Ok soul food aside, how many black dramas do we have, (and no Jerry, Montell, Tyra, and Maury, ain’t drama). I mean really proactive dramas without some kind of condescending coonery! Why does my struggle “MEIN KAMPF” have to be so god damned funny, and who came up with laughter heals all (musta been white folks) cause I know laughter didn’t heal Kunta Kente’s ass whuppin… The ability to mix to mix humor with an ass whuppin does nothing to change the fact that you got an ass whuppin, you just made the story FUNNY. What I really love is my man Dave C. (Black Super hero Supreme) he always push the envelope. Just like class (my ass is always in school) you got a couple of Kneegrows who pop the usual stuff when the shit rolls around to black issues and whitey nods with care and concern and then we move on to the next topic. But wait a minute my ass ain’t done with the last shit! Since you wanted to bring it up we gonna run with this playa! You see Dave wasn’t dropping comedy he was droppin some off the wall in yo face, how it is shit, but the funny part was whitey (comedy central) was runnin with this joint (greed make a fool do what ever). Hell yeah I wanna see the Time Haters shootin the shit out some slave masters, niggas was rollin all over the floor with that one, Black SuperHero’s that’s what the hell I’m talking bout, but we’ll get to that in a minute…
What in the hell is so damn funny about livin in the projects? Whats so damn funny about getting adopted by white folks? Whats so funny about being a butler? Whats so damn funny bout being a single mom going to college (community) with yo baby girl, HEY!!? Better wake yo ass up, that’s why the shit is called programming. These cats writing some jacked up codes and we roll with it cause that’s all we have, that’s all we see, that’s all we be. But every now and then they fuck it up:

When reality is constructed selectively to such a great and successful extent, occasional breakdowns have to be reckoned with. The suspicion of manipulation which constantly accompanies this construction remains vague, as long as there is no tangible evidence- which always means, evidence furnished by the media themselves.
(Niklaus Luhman, Reality of the Mass Media, p 42)

And this is when you usually see black folks makin some noise bout shit, always a knee jerk. Like shit wasn’t tore up before what ever happened. Don’t wait for your ass whuppin son cuz you getting it everyday and you payin for it (Fuck cable TV!). Paul Mooney (Black Yoda) always put it down, he’s the extra uppity nigga, who says the shit you wish you could, but you don’t wanna "offend " anyone. And its not that Paul isn’t extraordinarily funny (which he is) you really laughing at his audacity, or maybe you laughing at the size of yo little baby nuts because you know you would never utter that in public. What did ya boy Yoda say in Empire Strikes Back “ And this is why you fail” you better recognize…
So in the end it boils down to venues, how can we get our message out sans the coonery. Then we get all into the black business model talk, blah, blah, blah, and I say this cuz most of us don’t wanna jump out there (baby nutitis) niggas always wanna be in front of the camera but don’t want to run it. Shit how you gonna explain to a white director bout shit he ain’t never experienced, talent only goes so far fool! You need empathy, some one who knows your pain, knows your struggle, knows you. Why do you think we get dissed by everyone, cause we keep runnin back to massa. Tryin to get a piece of the “Pie” and what does massa say, “hey boy make me laugh, make me some money and I’ll take care yo lil black ass.” Now whats so damn funny bout that?

Part 2
Black Super hero’s

Why is it that every time you watch MTV cribs some rich ass nigga (basketball player, rapper, whatever) got a picture of Scarface up on the wall? Everybody wanna be Tony Montana what the fuck is that? Now I am an avid comic collector but why is it that we got the wackest heros out there? Don’t get me wrong we got a few cool ones Black panther (African), Storm (African), Capt. Marvel (the black one), Cloak (with his white girl side kick, cuz you know a nigga got a white girl close by), War Machine (JV Iron Man), Falcon, Bishop, Luke Cage (for those ghetto beat downs), and a few others but those of you who know comics get my point, but even these cats are just fringe hero’s at best. DC Comics got a few characters as well but they are even whacker than marvel’s cast. Why cant I get me some hero’s? We cant even get some make believe shit, and that ought to tell you some thing. We ain’t supposed to be hero’s! So we end up with these sidekick weak ass characters and you wonder why niggas like Scarface

A hero kicks ass, so since we cant identify with the positive we end up runnin round selling coke and going out killing 300 Pablo Escobars.

Now before you smarty art niggas kick in and start popin off bout Blade, or Spawn, lets keep it real , cuz I know my shit. Blade, as cool as he is, is still a vampire, a blood sucking nigga, ohhhh lets just scare the shit out of white people! Even the good niggas are dangerous! Then we go to Spawn albeit another great story but why does the nigga have to die then go to hell before he can come back and try to do something good, and what the fuck happened to the niggas face! You cant have a nigga super hero without some kinda conditions! Who in the hell wanna put a pizza face nigga from hell on they wall?

Why do you think it took 400 years before we had some serious Black QB’s in the NFL? Because the QB is the super hero fool! This shit is ideology, a belief system, a reinforcement both mentally and physically of our cultural sub status within the hearts and minds of our good friends. Then even when we rise to the level we gotta deal with all the micro/macro, inter/intra, whatever you wanna call them insults.

Uppity =Nigga to smart for his own good
Smart= A nigga actin white

Being Black Ain’t funny…

So you see the catch 22; you cant be the hero cause that’s acting white and if yo ass is bad;
1. you die,
2. you go to jail and die
3. you tell on yo hommies (bitch ass) and then you die

So what are you left with? Nothing, that’s right fool, not a god damn thing and that’s just the way they want it.

Being Black Ain’t funny…