So you wanna make a black film...

The key to making a black move that is authentic is to follow the standard cultural conventions that are commonly called stereotype’s. Stereotypes unlike urban legends have evolved form cultural eccentricities that may not represent the majority of the culture but is recognizable by the culture as to having “black” qualities. Hence the affirmation of the stereotype by the focus group. By applying the stereotype’s to themes or issues that are identifiable to the focus group and applying the proper aesthetic anyone can create a truly black movie.

The black movie is defined by a set of cultural circumstances which are universal and no matter what your overall plot and theme
, must be observed to keep the overall cultural quality “real”.

Must have scenes
In this section we learn that every black movie has scenes that need to be included to “keep it real” because black people know when their lives are being misrepresented on the big screen and they take offense to that shit. So we have compiled a list of must have scenes and depending on your genre (sports, drugs, shitty schools, smart kid in da ghetto) the rules of implementation for the scenes. This is where you can really flip your creativity, feel free to mix and match genres just make sure you follow the conventions. Think of it like the Matrix some rules you can bend or break as long as you have a ghetto logical basis for the scene (and that pretty much gives you the license to do whatever, shoot a baby, runnin ten niggas over in a stolen car, have a gun fight in church! ) just make sure black folks can relate to this shit in some shape or form.

Back in the day scene
– This usually brings up a senario in the transitional niggas younger life where he got his first “Message”
Getting Booty scene cause you gotta have the reason for “Miss Johnson’s” loud ass baby.
Nino Brown nigga scene every time this guy shows up on screen it has to be big time
We shall over come some day kneegrow spirtual scene where the transitional nigga decides to “do the right thing”
The bad nigga going to jail, getting shot scene
Your homeboy getting smoked scene
Black girl with a baby scene
Savior going to the ghetto scene
“You can do this I believe in you!”


The Savior:

Is seldom a young person, middle aged usually a rebel. Has had some type of
police/military training. See’s what the transitional nigga can be. Usually has had some type of personal tragedy that leads them to the path of savior, a role of atonement, this person is usually damaged goods on the rebound, Goes in to the depths of the ghetto unscathed (save for the “why you wanna save us” speech/narrative) and NEVER, EVER DIES

The Transitional Nigga:

Is the one with the “gift” If he plays sports then the bald head nigga mustn't die, If his gift is intelligence bald head or some other ghetto influence must die. Is in direct communication with the nigga who made it back and the savior. Transitional nigga can elevate to the role of savior but he must die, and then and only then can bald head live to exact revenge fo his homie: note if you use this twist state bald head died or went to jail doing some grimey shit 3 weeks later.

The Bald Head Nigga:

Is always pulling the transitional nigga to the dark side, you gotta show the role doing some real grimey shit. The other side of “The Choice”. Usually played by a rapper. Must Die or go to jail, if this does not happen then the transitional nigga or the nigga who made it out must die. Bald head nigga must wear a hoodie some time in movie usually doing some grimey shit, unless he has corn rows which means it’s a west coast hood movie.

The Nino Brown Nigga:

Is the emperor, a ghetto legend has a benz or a hummer, bling, bling, and a crew of bald head niggas. The mentor to the bald head nigga, usually the reason for the choice the transitional nigga makes. Must die or go to jail, unless he is the nigga who made it out*(see rules) if he dies then bald head nigga must go to jail*. If he goes to jail then its most likely for killing bald head nigga or some other bald head niggas or even another Nino Brown Nigga. Insert crack, hoops, the projects, and some tight ass hip hop beats when he is on the scene. Usually has a show down with nigga who made it back, or the savior, this usually happens on the trip to the ghetto by the savior.

Names Another very important part of your movie is how the characters address each other. Do not underestimate the effect and utilization of this convention. This is that phone call you got from Tyrone the telemarketer last night and you KNEW he was black based on the pinpointing of cultural norms in his speech utilization. This can make or break a hood movie, the accurate utilization of tense, pronouns, and proper names, in relation to the black cultural identity is a core element in KEEPIN IT REAL.

You already have a good black movie in you its just that you don’t know how to put it together. The easiest way to make a black movie is to keep it real simple.
All of the characters have been well researched and tested. Just come up with a simple premise: Jamal wants to go to college, Lamar wants to own a rap label, Antwan don’t wanna go to jail like his daddy KEEP IT SIMPLE!! Use the plug-ins provided, and follow the rules that go along with them and BLAM you have a turn key Black film with every thing you need to get it in the theaters.

Full text (PDF) on "How to make a Black Film"
Way too real baby...