Window Shopper....

You see, what we don’t have is a dialogue that’s sets us apart as world leaders. A dialogue that gives us a face beyond our captors (same niggas you wanna play hoops and shake ya ass for), an identity beyond this wack ass shit we see all day. What in the fuck do we lead and I mean really besides death, incarceration, infant mortality, HIV rates, hell we even startin to slip on our hoop game (Y'all saw the Olympics, nigga couldnt hit a jumper for shit) What we need, what I want, is some beautiful ass African plains pimpin on the safari shit. Naro Atamfu Afari I see you Pops, I see you for real….. We have always been fighting for a piece, for respect, for crumbs and why when we can take the whole show back to our own joint? This global grip is slipping, take a look around. Time to hold court, time to go home…
No more window shopping nigga…

As for conversations, cats be wondering wonder if he be really running off at the lip like that. Doubting me like some bitch ass nigga, and that’s why we aint getting our shit cuz we forgot how to nut up. Trying to talk right, trying to act right, dress right, or do what ever it is you do to be accepted, soon you’ll realize you don’t need acceptance, what you really need is you….
So get right, and get yours, and if they don’t like it, ohh well shit happens…

What a hater really hates, is while he hatin, you still doing yo thang, and thats when he start going crazy. Beat downs, no credit, mockery, what ever…
Fuck hoops, fuck doing the jig, it’s a hundred million fifty eleven of us out side of this country, you wanna go global holla at yo people fo real. Shit if you go platinum in Africa, it’s the same as going platinum here, wake the fuck up. I have yet to see a real black consortium of leaders bring shit to the fore front as a collective. Niggas is worse than whitey when it comes to politics, we don’t have parties, we have what you call in India a caste system. Yeah, you can talk shit if you want to but you know its true. We got all kinds of classes,Ghetto Niggas, working Niggas, rich Niggas, Bougie Niggas, you know the categories. And let one nigga rise up from any category, any one, and all the rest got some shit to say. No doubt shit maybe raggedy, but time is way to short to be fucking around. Ok you might not be feeling the back to Africa shit (CLUELESS) but think about shit over here, we need laws to get treated better, do you recognize this. Laws are deterrents, guidelines for public policy, for those who need a reminder that its not ok to do bad shit.

Niggas just wanna be loved, I see you cryin. Crying cuz you cant dance after you make a touchdown (that’s called keeping a nigga in line). I see you crying cuz you cant wea
r yo bling bling at the press conference after the game (CAUSE THEY OWN YO ASS). I see you cryin cause you got yo little education and you talk half way right and vote republican, but you mad cause ya grand mommas house got washed away in the flood. I see you cryin, and so do all your liberal ass friends, who talk a lot of bullshit but aint ready to march no where, unless somehow the issue can be twisted to serve them (disloyal fool ass bitch made punks).
They been had they eyes on the prize….
Wake up,
shake up,
break up.

And to you little ass L.A., D.C., N.Y., where ever High School niggas the next time
somebody tells you to go back to Africa, smile cause they to stupid to know that’s what you trying to do in the first place.

SpearChucker Supreme!!!!!!