My Jontz

As of late a few cats been asking me if I was gonna start listing my jontz on ebay again, cuz they liked my little descriptions I put up with each piece. Right now you wont be seeing too many NARO% joints on the market, but I have decided to do a full run of all of my past ebay listings here on the ol blogg. Yes I do "regular" art which you can check at my site Forms of Thought
So if you see something you like let me know, I might just open my shit up to private collectors again.

Taken from the ebay listing for PLAYBOOK (2002) Mixed Media on Canvas

Playbook was a little something I cooked up a earlier this season…

Its game time, you’re the visiting team, both locker rooms have
cleared and the teams have left for the field, and just then you realize
you have forgotten something. You head back, inadvertently entering
the oppositions locker room. Upon entering you witness the playbook,
plans scrawled across the black board, and deep down inside you realize
these people have you broken down to the lowest common denominator.
Now you realize its not a game, but life itself…

35 seasons and counting