I hear you...

I’m feeling this blogg shit…

Really lovin this black blogg shit fo real. Hell, I don’t even watch TV no more…
I get my movie jonts, my music reviews, sports
(legal slavery), perspectives whatever from my people.
Its just feels good reading my peeps, catching the vibe, ghetto legends in the making.

Self substantiation; when one comes to realize the self, all else become secondary.

Its kinda like NEO in the matrix, when the nigga was “born again” and started kickin the shit outta the agents. He just knew they shit was weak. I don’t even get mad at the shit I see all day, the shit I read, the shit I see on TV, hear on the radio, because the more we write, the more we flow, it just cancels they shit right out. We all got our “regulars” we hit up, and from these regulars we connect, (The Tipping Point- Malcolm Gladwell) its fresh, its real, its funny, its sad, but in the end it comes from people like me,
people like me,

Some are moderate, some are not, some talk politics, some make you laugh yo ass off, and some just talk about livin life day to day…I’m glad you in this, so stay in this, cause I’m letting go of the propaganda, the bullshit, the prime time HOT ASS GARBAGE.

Arent you tired of watching lopsided TV? Lets take anyone of the major news channels (I call it Bad news cuz they never talk about anything good) when ever they do a segment on black folks or they have black people discussing an issue, it seems a little scripted, but I mean in a preemptive condescending kinda way. You have the “white nigger” and the Black nigga, and the battle over a point. All the while the white mediator sits back and facilitates this bullshit 4 minute argument.

The funniest shit I ever read on the net was between two bloggers one from DC and the other from Denver, now the DC cat tore the dude from Denver a new ass, but what I love was that it was done though a medium which requires just a bit of understanding, and the ability to share your thoughts with the world. We need this, not only to create the venue we never got from the mass media, but to share our thoughts as a collective, a group, a tribe. This aint nuttin but a come up fo real, Black folks spreadin the word from St Denise (that’s France Nigga) to Kingston, Chicago, Rio, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Soweto, to any where a nigga maybe. So no matter who you read, just make sure you read our people FIRST. YT, I don’t wanna read yo shit anyways; A GLOBAL MASS MEDIA FUCK YOU TO: TIME, NEWSWEEK, PEOPLE, CNN, FOX, ABC,NBC,CBS, ESPN, MTV, AP, BBC, CANAL+ and all the rest of the mass media alphabet, as my boy Corn would say ”Ya’ll can suck a fat baby’s dick”

But on the real my biggest fear is that niggas start running to the money, cuz you know the more this shit starts taking off the more we gonna see you know who (YT) trying to make some money off this, off us, just like HIP HOP. They will find a way to wash this shit out too, but until then I’m gonna get my read on (I cant say get my blogg on cuz some bitches already stole that shit) I call that situational ethnicity (they already gettin in) but you already know what I have to say about that shit (cuz you feel me).

One more thing before I hit the sack, windows needs a new dictionary, cuz I am “soooooo” tired of word, power point, excel, and all the rest of they shit tryin to correct my ebonics
(fuck you Clarence Thomas niggas, I talk how I wanna talk) If I wanted to spell it “RIGHT” I would have. (BITCHES) :)