Asset Based Thinking...

I picked up some motivational joint in Barnes and Noble yesterday on a humm bug. The book was a quick read and focused on the potentials of asset based thinking (expanding your lens and reframing negatives) on the whole the book was a look into the the power of positive thinking and when used correctly can be a very powerful tool. But where I am a little perplexed is with their theory of looking at every senario and finding a positive...
Now I know it's easy to Juxtapose this particular self help theory against the back drop of something like the political problems we face in Africa and America, but the concepts have got to be of use in situations outside of the business world. So if you get a chance hit the site, or pick up the book, I would love to see what you come up with. Because I am sooooooooooo tired of seeing pics like the one above (In the US and Africa), and as much as I try I cant seem to change the way I see everything (especially in this picture).

Change The Way You See Everything

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