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Communication within a system operates by selecting only a limited amount of all information available outside. This process is also called reduction of complexity. The criterion according to which information is selected and processed is meaning. Both social systems and psychical or personal systems operate by processing meaning. Further, each system has a distinctive identity that is constantly reproduced in its communication and depends on what is considered meaningful and what is not; Our current status has the FG (Focus Group/Afro-Americans) being manipulated via the Mass Media in a global fashion. We constantly hear of people saying “So and So set the race back so many years” but does one ever wonder who facilitated the “Setback”. Individuals say they cannot represent the “entire race” but our entire "race" is being selectively embellished for the world to see/judge/interpret. We are being systematically reduced on the largest stage possible to the entire world, through the well selected (fantastical distortions) exploits of our people via the mass media. We must re-define, re-communicate, re-cognize, re-place, the images that are detrimental to every black person on earth…

We need the greatest make over in the history of civilization, not in the negative sense, but in the sense of how our “Cultural Image” has been continually distorted for the benefit of others at our expense. Errrtime you shake that booty somebody some where sees it and they develop a perception, plain and simple. Errrtime you run around tossing money, rocking the throw backs, somebody some where sees it and they develop a perception. Errrtime that very same video comes on TV somebody is making a lot of money from your willingness to promote/propagate this “Limited amount of information” to the outside world. A quick look into the process of how the mind interprets images, you can hit up wikpedia for the long version. In a nutshell we are bombarded by “Images and Sounds” which both consciously and unconsciously affect our system both as a group and as an individual. These images communicate with our OS (operating system) and affect our attitudes, feelings, actions, etc. It is this process that we as a people need to gain control of. Streams of thought are being manipulated on a daily basis in an attempt to manufacture “Blackness”, what does the “Mainstream” consider black, all you have to do is watch TV to find out.

Image processing-The primary visual cortex is the best studied visual area in the brain. It is the part of the cerebral cortex that is responsible for processing visual stimuli. It is the simplest, earliest cortical visual area. It is highly specialized for processing information about static and moving objects and is excellent in pattern recognition.

Unconscious inference- Infere
nce requires prior assumptions about the world: two well-known assumptions that we make in processing visual information are that light comes from above, and that objects are viewed from above and not below. The study of visual illusions (cases when the inference process goes wrong) has yielded a lot of insight into what sort of assumptions the visual system makes.

NLP 1. The image is projected on the retina and will make an impact depending on the number of receiving cells and neurons concerned.
2. This image goes through the optical chiasma, and relayed to the core amygdala.
3. the nerves are recruited and in turn goes to the limbic system (emotional)/kinesthetic. If
the emotion is sufficiently strong, this stimulus associated with the emotion is engram (association V=K).
4. Then information passes towards the occipital cortex where it "is perceived", because we perceive on the neurological level.

5. The occipital cortex sends information to the prefrontal lobes, where information is analyzed and interpreted.

6. According to the direction given, information can continue while following down the line towards the limbic system. This neurological data clarifies the level of NLP interventions. Anchoring and submodalities act this way: By breaking the engram (V=K) by sending contradictory information, the subject can act in dissociation or deactivating anchors as in the NLP 10 minute phobia cure.

Music video analysis- I came across this project while surfing and thought what an excellent tool. Why not use this as a means to CONSTRUCT better images about what it is we (They) project as a culture (our culture). This analysis when used preemptively can redefine what it is to be black and thus allow us to regain control of the “Stream” when it deals with our Cultural Capital and how it is interpreted globally.

Analyze images for historical/cultural significance What does the video say about the United States? (purpose) What four or five specific images support that view? (supporting artistic details) What has research shown you about the historical background of the video's images? Is the video historically/culturally accurate? How do you know that? (Historical research is your evidence.)
Does your group agree with the focus or theme of the video? Explain.
Group Work: Your group will: Select a video you can all agree on Present your analysis to the class using the above overview as a guide. You should go beyond the question and answer format to make a presentation that engages your viewers, uses visual material and explains both the video and your research.
Group Roles:
1. Organizer, scheduler and chief researcher Makes sure all tasks are done on time Has primary responsibility for organizing group members to do research, which may take place on-line with the Internet and Bookshelf Encyclopedia, and at the college library, or public library, or libraries at Napa, Vintage, or Sonoma State.
2. Discussion moderator and note-taker Makes sure all students contribute and are heard Records discussion notes and distributes them daily to group members
3. Writer/Producer for presentation Puts together the pieces of the presentation made to the class Makes certain that all group members participate in the presentation
4. Main Presenter
The "star" of the presentation Has secondary responsibility for organizing and conducting research
5. Technician
Manages equipment, making sure the group uses equipment only for allotted time E-mails presentation outline to entire class after getting an OK from instructors Gets permission to use a video different from those brought by instructor if group wants to use own video Note: All students in a group should participate in all aspects of the presentation. All students are responsible for research. No one group member is "finished" with his/her job until all group members are finished with the work of the group. Individual Work: In addition to the work of the group, each student will write an individual analysis of the video the group analyzed, or, if s/he prefers, an analysis of a different video.

What does all of this mean? Well for one it leads to the fact that we need some new data for our I/O peripherals. We need to focus our fight, avoid distractions, and all of the other false positives, by taking this battle to the source. This is one of the many steps is winning back the “control” of our image and how it is “streamed” to the world…

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