Office space

I Dropped this on Ghetto Uprising back in May but I've seen some interesting things going on at a few of my frequent spots, so I'll just send out an olive branch to just another girl and hope all is well in the cess pool. Stay up, and take some advice from Steve's Pops.
"The Lord loves a working man, Never trust whitey"
Steve Martin
"The Jerk"

Harold I wanted to post on this the other day but I knew this was gonna draw some good comments and as usual it did...

Conflict the Voltron analogy was priceless, and all of the comments for the most part show we all done/doing time on the from lines in the struggle. What I would like to contribute is my experience; Much like our anonymous commenter I have come across this somewhat brazen and condescending attitude for the last 10 years or so with my current multinational. White boys and girls come in with this nouveaux get over it attitude, and make slick ass comments, posture, engage, try to bust a nigga out in front of the man etc... We all know the moves so I just elevate on these niggas kinda like a karate joint when the young upstart gets his ass beat by master with a paint brush. Now dont get me wrong these lil fuckers come in just like anonymous said with the Darth Maul "Man up" intimidation face like they hard core. Since when did being a punk bitch, using proxies, and fucked up office diplomacy, make a mofo hard? So when I see a nigger like anonymous roll in I do what any true jedi would do in the face of a sith; CUT THAT BITCH IN HALF. I'll share some of my tactics with you that have helped my black ass way up the ladder sans sellout, slappin punk ass bitches all the way up.

1. Set up the space right away- Not the tone but the space. This is like the stage or a set on a movie scene

2. Keep whitey in your business- Let whitey think he knows you. Lie, give out false info (you can clown a bitch later when he tries to trump you in front of your peers by saying "what are you talking about." Especially if you have spread other misinformation to other white folks in the area (remember its about space) which counter this info he thinks he's betraying you with.

3. Be a good worker- That is what you are there for in the first place!!!

4. Dont isolate youself - This doesnt mean you gotta go play golf with YT but be visible.

5. At every opportunity try to bring another one of "us" up with you. The more of us we see around the office the less likely this shit will happen (it will still happen just under a different guise).

6. Be fair - I know this sounds crazy, but base this fairness on the surface value of office politics, not the undercurrent of filth that makes the place go. YT loves to juxtapose the rules of playing fair when shit hits the fan, and I have seen too many cats go down to the conference table and get the "white collar lynching" where they break other wise good working kneegrows of their "attitudes".

7. Engage the enemy in subtle ways. This will really piss that bitch off later when he is getting blasted by the man (especially when he/she knows somehow, someway,you had your hand in her/his demise; even if you didnt)

8. Keep educating yourself- All the little plaques on my walls filled with paper, have filled my pockets with MAD PAPER.

9. Dont Assimilate this works against you, be you - If you dont wear Khaki's thats cool. Just do what you do in moderation, this way they cant start up the "Jedi nigger mind control BS" Remeber YT will use everything EVERYTHING against you, so keep it real.

10. I am like a Navy SEAL team every day! Meaning you gotta always be on your best, Gameface, playmaker, Barry bonds HR #714, MJ final jumper over the jazz, Tiger "Negrito" Woods (google it!) at the masters, Venus and Serena williams killing them little girls all over the world,

Harold, you aint trippin bro, You right on point! Now lets all go back to work and chuck some spears, like the true African Warriors we are...