Somebody was paying attention in class.

I remember Hammer mania, back in the day when I was right in the epicenter. A freshman in college in the bay area at the dawn of Hammer time! Those were the good ol days. I remember everybody in Oaktown was on Hammer's staff, or knew somebody who was on Hammers staff. That shit was fantastic! I remember going to DV8, when it was in SF or Club X (before the 22,697 name changes), CW (tiny ass club), DAZ Klub, DNA Lounge or any of the other spots in the CITY Circa 88-91 (If you was cool you know where I was). Hammer was poppin and if you had yo shit right, could dance yo ass off and didnt mind crazy ass hair do's (ya'll remember that nigga with the Pattie Label triangle do) you could end up travelling round the world and selling out stadiums in far away lands. Everybody wanted to be Hammer, hell even Nino Brown wanted to be Hammer!! My favorite Hammer joint as you can see was "Turn this mutha Out" I was feeling this joint and so was the rest of the world, and this leads me to my point...

Every time we come up with some type of cultural phenomena like Hammer why is it that we loose the control mechanism? Aint to many black folks selling out stadiums in the US let alone the rest of the world. Getcha playbook right, and start being a team player instead of a player hater. Somebody, somewhere, said wow this cat just sold out a stadium in fucking Japan! And was quietly thinking of how to turn that into some money for his own pockets. We done already seen the E! Hollywood story (they still getting money off his ass) on Hammer so there is no need to repeat the "rise and fall story" but I think cats is still missing the other message in this story. Stop putting yourself before the people, you see Hammer brought up his peeps, and took em around the world. Them cats will be talkin bout that shit for the rest of they days, mad props to Hammer on that fo life.

Somebody somewhere was paying attention in class, why cant it be us for a change?