Black Faciality.

Similarly, the form of subjectivity, whether consciousness or passion, would remain absolutely empty if faces did not form loci of resonance that select the sensed or mental reality and make it conform in advance to a dominant reality. The face itself is redundancy. It is itself in redundancy with the redundancies of signifiance or frequency, and those of resonance or subjectivity. The face constructs the wall that the signifier needs in order to bounce off of; it constitutes the wall of the signifier, the frame or screen. The face digs the hole that subjectification needs in order to break through; it constitutes the black hole of subjectivity as consciousness or passion, the camera, the third eye.
Year Zero: Faciality
by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari

I had some thoughts lying just beneath the surface. this morning my alarm went off and I did my usual snooze for another 45 before waking, but during my twilight I felt some waves, some rhythms which didn't sound right yet were easily indentifiable. The black edifice is eroding, like the great Icons in Egypt, noses ripped off, to distort, disdain, deterretorialize our cultural fitness, the capital, the very core of our socio element. Its is this look into the space of our "Black" faciality where my subconscious mind happened to wander. Its Joe Liberman in black face, its a Navy midshipman catching a rape case, its the declining "kneegrow" intellectual base, Its about Cynthia McKinney losing the race, losing the race, left alone by her race? And as we frame the face, what have we to show, Harpo, Harpo, I bees a good rapper can I sit on yo couch? Talented "Gro's" cry at award shows, mimic the face that dis the race, black power gone with out a trace...
Fade away jumper, SWISH, IN YO FACE.
Black Faciality.
and then I woke up and realized my "dream" my thoughts, my viz. were real.

"Neva test my patience,
nigga I'm high maintenance"